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Taskbar integration in title

Taskbar++ Re-organize the items in the taskbar with this easy to use utility
Size: 594 KB
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change button button rearranger Windows taskbar organizer  
TaskBar A replacement for the Alt-Tab functionality of the Windows taskbar
Size: 79 KB
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plugin bar explorer taskbar Desktop Sidebar Plugin  
Taskbar Autohide Toggles the auto hide setting using a keyboard shortcut or tray icon
Size: 234.38K
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taskbar Window hide Taskbar autohiding Taskbar  
Titanium Taskbar Very flexible and simple Windows Taskbar replacement.
Size: 702.48K
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replace modify look replacement start button taskbar skin  
TaskBar Hider This software can make you hide or show your Windows Vista or Windows 7 taskbar
Size: 21.94K
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key window hider hide start button hider ip hider  
Taskbar Eliminator A great utility which will simply and efficiently remove the taskbar
Size: 562 KB
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eliminate eliminator taskbar remove from taskbar  

Taskbar integration in tags

Win7shell A Winamp plugin that makes use of the new taskbar feature of Windows 7
Size: 542 KB
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plugin winamp plugin taskbar integrate Winamp taskbar  
TaskbarCalendar TaskbarCalendar - Pocket Calendar with Outlook integration accessible via the taskbar or shortcut
Size: 748 KB
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manager calendar PIM Outlook Integration  
ClipPad It adds powerful drag/drop integration with the Windows taskbar to make pasting your data easier
Size: 588 KB
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manager clipboard Clipboard Content clipboard manager  
Apache Camel A powerful open source integration framework based on known Enterprise Integration Patterns with powerful Bean Integration
Size: 10.3 MB
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integration numerical integration secure integration  
OutBack Merlinia OutBack is an advanced in/out board with optional integration to Outlook or Lotus Notes. Also available is optional integration with mobile (cell) telephones via SMS and optional integration
Size: 0.00 KB
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integration numerical integration secure integration  
Taskbar Activate Manages activation and deactivation of the Windows taskbar
Size: 25K
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manage activate firewall activate taskbar option taskbar  

Taskbar integration in description

CleanTaskbar and then the Taskbar will be crammed with the taskbar buttons soon. Sometimes the the buttons are so much that it is difficult to switch to another window through click the taskbar button because you ...
Size: 363KB
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taskbar Clear taskbar customisation taskbar functionality  
Taskbar Collapser Taskbar Collapser is a lightweight application that was designed in order to help you gain more desktop space by putting away the Windows taskbar. Taskbar Collapser moves the system tray area to the e...
Size: 19 KB
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hider taskbar hide Taskbar Collapse blank lines  
MultiMonitor Taskbar Free From Mediachance: MM Taskbar is useful if you work with a multi-monitor setup. This tool extends the Windows Taskbar to all of the additional screens you've got set up. The Windows will not extend the...
Size: 406.93K
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windows bar multiple monitors hide task bar applications  
Taskbar Arranger The Taskbar Arranger application was designed to be a small tool that will allow you to arrange your taskbar items. With Taskbar Arranger, you will be able to get all of those mingled taskbar applicat...
Size: 111 KB
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arranger taskbar shuffle Taskbar Shuffle  
Command Prompt Bar Command Prompt Bar becomes a part of your Windows Taskbar and allows you to launch command lines fro...Save time with many features (Auto-Complete, URL Launcher, Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer integration...
Size: 1.35MB
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command prompt launch create toolbar url launcher cmd  
BlinkingBar Edit By The Windows interface includes a special application desktop toolbar called the Taskbar. The taskbar can be used for such tasks as switching between open windows and starting new applications.
Size: 570KB
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windows xp audio windows vista full