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Taskbar++ Re-organize the items in the taskbar with this easy to use utility
Size: 594 KB
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change button button rearranger Windows taskbar organizer  
TaskBar A replacement for the Alt-Tab functionality of the Windows taskbar
Size: 79 KB
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plugin bar explorer taskbar Desktop Sidebar Plugin  
Temperature Taskbar Basic temperature notifier for your PC
Size: 10 KB
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monitor temperature conversion temperature  
Taskbar Tamer A desktop utility which allows for the creation of retractable 'toolbars' in the tray area of your taskbar. It offers users the ability to create easily accessible shortcuts to their favorite programs
Size: 1,700K
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7 Taskbar Tweaker A tool that allows you to: - Reorder items within a tab group. - Group/ungroup/show label/hide label per Application ID. - Close/minimize/etc. multiple windows at once. - Change Application ID of wind
Size: 47.58K
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customize tweak tweaker Tweak Appearance taskbar  
Taskbar Transizer Customize the start menu and taskbar transparency with ease
Size: 188 KB
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transparency taskbar start menu taskbar transparency  

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XP Edit A very useful program to tweak Windows XP just the way you like it
Size: 1.4 MB
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registry backup boot keyboard taskbar option  
Stardust Wallpaper Control This software lets you change and configure desktop wallpaper.
Size: 659 KB
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change wallpaper wallpaper Background taskbar  
Winamp Controlband An usefull extension for Windows that will allow you to control Winamp from your taskbar.
Size: 1,015.76K
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winamp taskbar control winamp Winamp control Winamp taskbar  
Winamp Deskband Toolbar docked to the taskbar that can be used to control Winamp 2.x/3.x
Size: 993 KB
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control winamp taskbar Winamp taskbar winamp controller  
Taskbar Calculator It is a cool, silent and useful utility that is positioned on the taskbar.
Size: 463 KB
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calculator calculate taskbar hexadecimal conversion  
KaKeeware ComAsm A little program that shows how to use COM technology in Win32Asm
Size: 5 KB
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control taskbar Window Control Taskbar Control  

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CleanTaskbar and then the taskbar will be crammed with the taskbar buttons soon. Sometimes the the buttons are so much that it is difficult to switch to another window through click the taskbar button because you ...
Size: 363KB
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taskbar Clear taskbar customisation taskbar functionality  
Taskbar Collapser Taskbar Collapser is a lightweight application that was designed in order to help you gain more desktop space by putting away the Windows taskbar. Taskbar Collapser moves the system tray area to the e...
Size: 19 KB
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hider taskbar hide Taskbar Collapse blank lines  
MultiMonitor Taskbar Free From Mediachance: MM taskbar is useful if you work with a multi-monitor setup. This tool extends the Windows Taskbar to all of the additional screens you've got set up. The Windows will not extend the...
Size: 406.93K
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windows bar multiple monitors hide task bar applications  
Taskbar Arranger The taskbar Arranger application was designed to be a small tool that will allow you to arrange your taskbar items. With Taskbar Arranger, you will be able to get all of those mingled taskbar applicat...
Size: 111 KB
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arranger taskbar shuffle Taskbar Shuffle  
BlinkingBar Edit By The Windows interface includes a special application desktop toolbar called the taskbar. The taskbar can be used for such tasks as switching between open windows and starting new applications.
Size: 570KB
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windows xp audio windows vista full  
MultiMon Taskbar MultiMon taskbar is a useful application that was tailored especially for users who have 2 or 3 monitors connected to extend their desktop. More precisely, this particular piece of kit is able to put ...
Size: 406 KB
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monitor taskbar option taskbar taskbar customisation